Our values

According to the Law 845/78, in 1989 the CNOS-FAP Federation developed a specific training proposal to meet the need of clearly defining the identity of the Federation and to give greater force to the educational action of trainers, centres and the Federation in its entirety. The proposal is based on four key strategies:

  •  The constitution of a “training community”. The Federation fosters the constitution of a training community, intended not only as a precondition for trainees’ participation, but also as a participative training environment to be built step by step. The development of a training community is the main assumption for working together, it’s one of the features characterizing the new models of work organization in order to reach a full valorisation of human resources.
  • The educational and professional dimensions of vocational training. The Federation is particularly concerned that all the basic educational values (formation of conscience, development of responsible and creative freedom, interpersonal skills, exercise of social and political responsibility, education to civil cohabitation) are included into vocational training, intended as a process of unitary and holistic development of each worker’s personality. To this aim, the Federation offers to its trainees many opportunities to gain knowledge, professional skills, attitudes and behaviours in line with their profession.
  • The vocation to professionalism, based on a meaningful culture of work and on a valuable life plan. The Federation aims to humanize the job training and the career choice; to integrate work and life experience; to customize the professional choice and practice; to encourage in active and participatory form the integration of young people into the labour market and civil society, fostering the principles of shared responsibility and solidarity.
  • Career guidance service offering. The guidance service integrates and supports the global intervention of vocational training centres as it offers a specific contribution in pedagogical, educational and social terms, promoting the process of development of youth’s attitudes, preferences , interests and values that demands a convergent training action toward their professional maturity.

By developing and adopting further reference documents the CNOS-FAP has updated over the years its training proposal.

In 2007, adopting the Organisational Model in compliance with the Legislative Decree n. 231of June 8, 2001, the CNOS-FAP Federation adoptedthe document entitled “Code of Ethics”.