The CNOS-FAP Federation at national level

The CNOS-FAP Federation is promoted by the "National Centre for Salesian Works - CNOS", a body with legal personality recognized with the Presidential Decree n. 1016 of 09.20.1967, amended by Presidential Decree n. 294 of 02/05/1969.

The President of CNOS appoints its own National Delegate to be part of the National Board of Directors of the Federation.

The Federation operates with its own National Officewhich is primarily responsible for the promotion and coordination of the initiatives and activities of the Federation.

Professional sectors of CNOS-FAP Federation

The CNOS-FAP Federation is able to achieve its goals through the dynamic contribution of the following professional sectors, operating since 1982:

  • Cross-sectoral Commission of the general culture
  • Mathematical-scientific cross-sectoral Commission
  • Mechanical sector
  • Electronic sector
  • Graphic sector
  • Tertiary sector
  • Tourist sector

Thanks to these sectors, the Federation is rooted in the territory at regional and local level, they are also responsible for the continuous training offered to trainers of vocational training centres in technological, methodological/educational and pedagogical fields.

The CNOS-FAP Federation at regional and local level

The CNOS-FAP Federation is present in 16 Italian Regions with 15 Regional Delegations, whose objective is to assure the promotion of the Salesian vocational training offer, the coordination of vocational training activities in their respective Regions and the representation of the Federation at regional level. The Delegations operate in 60 Centres called CFP – Vocational Education and Training Centres – located throughout Italy.

The CNOS-FAP Federation at European level

The CNOS-FAP Federation is member of the network of the Salesian Institutions working in the field of vocational guidance and training, coordinated by the Association DBI – Don Bosco International.