Article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 7 of 2007 has promoted and regulated the development of networks and organizational models called “training centres” (“Poli formativi”) that are intended to facilitate, for every sector, an organic connection between technical education, vocational education and training and the labour market in order to improve the training offer.

In this respect, in 2006 the CNOS-FAP Federation gave birth to the “Polo formativo tecnologico AUTOMOTIVE” (AUTOMOTIVE training centre), thanks to the contribution provided by leading companies in automotive sector.

The AUTOMOTIVE training centre is characterized by the connection between University, Schools, Training Institutes, companies and other bodies which provide their resources, foster various forms of dialogue and coordination in order to qualify the training offer making it in line with the actual needs of the labour market.


The “Polo AUTOMOTIVE” is located in Via Appia Antica 78, 00179 Rome.

All the members have the responsibility for the promotion and the implementation of initiatives, but the coordination is entrusted to a working group of representatives of the members which is chaired by the national secretary of the professional sector AUTORIPARATORI.

The Polo AUTOMOTIVE deals with the specialisation of students of Vocational Training Centers, arranges internships, promotes continuous training and updating of trainers, offers scholarships, supports specific projects, promotes events at national and European level.

In these years 18 companies, 7 educational institutions, one trade association, 3 newspapers and 1 TV have joined the Polo AUTOMOTIVE.