The project aims at promoting the U.S. values of international cooperation, inclusivity, and social cohesion and express the goodwill and generosity of the American people while mitigating the harmful effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable populations in Italy. The purpose of the Project is to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable groups in the areas of education, food security, and protection.

The Public Diplomacy Response and Recovery Project to COVID-19 in Italy is a cross-sectoral approach based on three main components:

1. #restiamoattivi campaign: web-based toolkit of learning resources. This campaign will disseminate educational and encouraging digital resources to families with young children and to the public.

2. ICT-based Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) education. The project will deliver ICT-based TVET educational modules to VET students.

3. #noicis(t)iamo: basic household needs and mental health support. The project will provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and food baskets to marginalized groups including refugees, migrants, impoverished families, and the elderly.

Project category: 
European / International
U.S. Agency for International Development
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