Applicant Organisation: AFP Patronato San Vincenzo
Partners: Federazione CNOS-FAP, Center For Creative Training Association (Bulgaria), La Ligue De L'Enseignement (France), Universitatea Valahia Targoviste (Romania), Associacio Per A La Creacio I Estudis De Projectes Socials C.E (Spain), Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen (Belgium)


Objectives: The RAINBOW project aims at promoting social inclusion and positive values through the introduction of non-formal education and methods into school education. The project will create a heterogeneous community who will be trained to carry out peace campaigns and to promote empathy and understanding.

Thanks to the RAINBOW approach each project target group (secondary school teachers and students) will interiorize concepts and strategies becoming able to promote common values and civic competences. 

At the start of the project, partners will carry out inquiries on social and civic competences and values awareness of teachers and students. Based on the outcomes, they will further prepare training programmes for teachers and educational materials for students intended to build the right attitudes and competences.

European Values contest on fundamental rights, respect, peace and active citizenship will be organised in 2022 and will be followed by European values camp in Bulgaria. At the European Values camp target groups will test the training modules and will re-elaborate educational materials and tools. 

The project presents four innovative aspects: 

1. The combination of a top-down and bottom-up approach: Teachers and students will be trained (top-down) and will directly develop an alternative-narrative campaign and new training activities (bottom-up). 

2. Cooperative Intergenerational learning: At the camp, teachers and students will work together, they will be at the same time trainers and trainees; they will develop mutual learning and mutual trust by showing the possibility of collaboration by different generations and roles. Thanks to teachers’ training packages, teachers will endeavour to build an attitude for dealing with learner as an equal partner in the educational process.

3. Create European Values community: All those who have an educational responsibility will leave their isolation and will begin to build bridges to others by contributing to disseminate the message of collaboration, tolerance and democracy. Target groups will be producers of subsidiary interventions. 

4. Non-formal Education: The project will employ the experience from the non-formal education and methods, which youth organizations use and to introduce these to the school education. From one side - for changing the perspective of the teachers to the youth culture, and further - for helping them to approach youngsters in a meaningful way.

Duration: 36 months
Start date: 01/2020

Erasmus+ KA3
Project category: 
European / International
Commissione europea
Starting year: